Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Scribbles, #86

Sundays at this farmish place are reserved for Scribbles - short, random musings that collect while my mind has time to wander on this day of (supposed) rest. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

1.  I left for Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's house in strappy, sandal-like heels. I'm not really a shoe person. In fact, I think my husband owns more shoes than me. But I'm telling you, these strappy sandal-like heels are cute.

2. I left for Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's house and the weather was beeeeeautiful. Sunny. Warm. 60 degrees or thereabouts. It was lovely. I remember thinking Gosh, what an unseasonably nice Thanksgiving this is going to be.

3. But y'all know, I live in Minnesota. And there is some unwritten rule in Minnesota that states the weather can change just. like. that.

4. So on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's house six hours later, I cursed those strappy, sandal-like heels. Because it was no longer sunny. Or warm. The ground was covered with snow, the roads were icy, and it was cold. My little toes were so very cold.

5. Pistol Packin' Papa teased me about my shoe choice. I was not too bitter, however, because he informed me that if we would have slid off the road into the ditch after swerving to miss those four deer on the ice...he would have given me gloves to put over my feet. And he might have even carried me if we had to walk. Yeah. So take that, strappy sandal-like heels.


  1. Shamey, shamey on you, Little Minnesota Farm Girl! Your cute little strappy sandals would have been A-OK if you had thrown your Sorels in the back of the vehicle . . . like in October. I used to do that without fail back when we didn't have the wimpy winters we've had for the last several years. This year now? I'm starting to think my prediction (what do I know?) of a snowy winter just may come true. We got another 3" overnight last night which means we've got a good 6" on the ground right now.

  2. You better listen to Mama Pea and throw some sturdier footwear in the car just in case!
    I would have been looking for a jacket or a blanket to throw over my feet coming home...brrrr!! :)

  3. I love strappy sandals, but I have ankles that twist at the sight of them, so they are of no use to me. However, I do have a bad habit of wearing flip flops because the sun is shining, then an hour later, away from home, our Oregon rain kicks in, so I can sympathise~

  4. Oh HONey! I'll bet the little strappy sandals were cute, though. :)

  5. I have a problem regulating my body temperature during the winter and I have actually went outside in snow barefooted just to cool off.When I get cold I come inside.I too wear skimpy shoes like sandals,it helps.Did your sandals hold up to the snow?


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