Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Scribbles, #98

Sundays at this farmish place are reserved for Scribbles - short, random musings that collect while my mind has time to wander on this day of (supposed) rest. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

1. If you live on a farm you'd best know how to back up a trailer. If you don't know how, ask your husband to teach you. Or your nine and ten-year-old sons. You can't be whining for someone to come back your trailer up every time you need to reload it because girlfriend, everyone else is on the other side of the farm raking the round pen and picking rock. Put your big girl panties on and back that thing up yourself.

2. Ok. I just realized that "put your big girl panties on and back that thing up" sounds like some really disturbing version of a rap song. I apologize.

3. My outdoor wood boiler should no longer be in use by this time of year, friends...but it still is!  Last year at this time we were fencing the first pasture and dealing with thunderstorms that flooded the yard. This year we have highs of 40s and still work in our winter hats. Who was it again that was going to deliver that spanking to Mother Nature?

4. The meat ball broilers continue to grow and are almost four weeks old. You know that old Sylvester and Tweety Bird "Hyde and Go Tweet" cartoon where Tweety Bird keeps changing from a cute little bird into that giant monster looking bird? That cartoon used to scare the bajeezus out of me. And that's what I'm afraid is going to greet me one of these days when I open the coop door - a giant monster looking bird.

5.  Can you believe I'm almost to my hundredth Sunday Scribble? That's a whole lot of babbling scribblin' going on. The farmboys are pretty sure I should have a giveaway because "a hundred is a big deal". Hmmmm......


  1. LOL...Maybe while that big girl is "backing it up" she could deliver a few slaps to Mamma N.

    We all need a good smack every now and then.


  2. While our weather has sort of warmed (it's a balmy 55 here today in the south) it won't stop raining. Ever. Our goats and chickens will be swimming with the ducks soon.

    And in regards to #1, I know this is true, but I am sorta scared of backing up our 12 ft trailer. So I'm just going to continue to wait for someone to come and help me until it's absolutely necessary :)

  3. Now explain to your non-farmer readers why trying to back up a hay wagon is a spectator sport.

  4. I know I should get hubby to teach me to back up the truck with the horse trailer but first, I guess I should have him teach me to go forward! LOL!!
    Congrats on #98 Scribble, I always enjoy them. :)

  5. I know! You could give away one of your little piggies! (Just kidding.) How 'bout a copy of one of your books? (Or a piggie.)

    I can back up our trailers, but it takes me so much looooonger than having hubby do it. Cop out? Yeah, probably.


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